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Buyee lets you buy from Yahoo! Auction, Yahoo! Shopping, ZOZOTOWN, AKB48 Group Shop. We bid and shop on your behalf and ship the items you win to your address overseas!

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About Coupon

For one week only! Use this coupon at any Buyee store: Yahoo! Auction, Yahoo! Shopping, ZOZOTOWN and the AKB48 Group Shop!

Coupon Issue Period17th August (Mon) - 24th August (Mon) [JST]
Coupon Validity Period17th August (Mon) - 24th August (Mon) [JST]
Conditions for receiving coupon
  • - Valid at all Buyee stores!
  • - Valid for one use only
  • - Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons
  • - Other fees must still be paid for(Payment Fee, Domestic and International Shipping Fees etc.)
  • When using on an auction
    • - If the order you used your coupon on is cancelled for any reason, your coupon will not be reissued.
    • - Coupon can be applied whenever you place a bid or a sniper bid, but will only be used once you have won the auction.
  • When using at Yahoo! Shopping, ZOZOTOWN and the AKB48 Group Shop
    • - If your order is unsuccessful, your coupon will be returned to you, as long as the campaign has not ended.

How this coupon works:

For example, the cost of buying a bag at 30,000 yen and shipping it to you in Hong Kong.

Payment list
Purchase Costs
Item Price ¥30,000
Buyee Service Fee
With coupon...

Payment Fee ¥200
Shipping Costs
Domestic (Japan) Shipping Fee ¥700
International Shipping Fee ¥1,100
Insurance Fee ¥50
Total ¥35,050 → ¥33,550

* This is an example of buying a bag for 30,000 yen and it weighs 500g, shipped to Hong Kong. Service fee is subject to vary depending on conditions. Also, depending on the delivery country or area, and also nature of the article, import customs duty might be charged.

Guidelines for using your coupon on an auction

  • This coupon can be applied whenever you place a bid (or a sniper bid) on an item. The coupon will only be used up after you win that auction.
  • While your coupon is in use, it cannot be applied to bids on other auctions.
  • If you do not win the auction, your coupon will become available for use again.
  • The coupon validity period applies to the time in which you can apply your coupon to a bid or a sniper bid. Your coupon will still be valid even if the auction ends after the period deadline.
  • If, for any reason, transactions are canceled after you have won an auction, the coupon you used will not be reissued.