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Yahoo! JAPAN Auction

Yahoo! JAPAN Auction is the largest auction site in Japan.
Most of sellers only speak Japanese, but if you buy through Buyee, we will bid on your behalf and ship any items you win straight to your door. Make your bidding easier with Buyee.

Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping

Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping is one of the largest online shopping sites in Japan.
You can find almost everything sold in Japan on Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping.

Buy from online marketplace Mercari with the official partner Buyee!
You can find everything from the latest fashion to rare items!

Amazon Japan

Amazon, one of the largest shopping websites in the world.
Please use "Add to Buyee" to enjoy a wide selection of items from Amazon Japan.


ZOZOTOWN is the largest fashion shopping site in Japan, handling over 2,000 popular brands including A BATHING APE, snidel and more. You can also purchase from ZOZOUSED, where you can enjoy secondhand shopping.


Rakuten is one of the biggest online shopping mall in Japan. More than 400,000 shops post a wide variety of items. Because of a wide range of items and price competitiveness, most Japanese people have purchased items on Rakuten.

AKB48 Group Shop

AKB48 Group Shop is the official online shop of the famous Japanese idol group AKB48.
Check out their latest merchandise here !

Service Flow

We bid on your behalf and ship the items you win to your address overseas!

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  • Payment and preparation for international shipping

    Arrange for the payment of international shipping. You can also send your item together with others you have bought.

  • Receive your item

    Please wait awhile
    for the arrival of your item.

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