Available Shopping Sites

Below are several websites on which Buyee can bid and make a purchase on your behalf.

Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping is one of the largest online shopping sites in Japan.You can find almost everything sold in Japan on Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping.

Rakuten is one of the biggest online shopping mall in Japan. More than 400,000 shops post a wide variety of items. Because of a wide range of items and price competitiveness, most Japanese people have purchased items on Rakuten.

ZOZOTOWN is the largest fashion shopping site in Japan, handling over 2,000 popular brands including A BATHING APE, snidel and more. You can also purchase from ZOZOUSED, where you can enjoy secondhand shopping.

List of all shopping sites

Over 100 shopping sites available! Please check the list of all websites.

Purchase Request for other sites

This is a convenient service that allows you to request purchase support for items from shopping sites other than those listed on Buyee by simply entering the URL of the item.

Add to Buyee

You can use the "Add to Buyee!" function to add an item directly to cart and make shopping much easier. This function is only available on PC.

Buyee blog

What is Buyee?

Buyee is a proxy shopping service that lets you bid and purchase Japanese products online. We buy the product on your behalf and deliver to your address.(Our customer base is mainly overseas.)

Features of Buyee

  • Japan-exclusive products!

    Buy Japan-exclusive products from anywhere in the world !

  • Multilingual Support

    No need to understand Japanese. English and Chinese are available.

  • Payment Methods

    You can pay with Paypal, credit cards and Alipay.

From winning a bid/making a purchase until the item is delivered

  • Winning a bid & making a purchase

    Bid for an item or make a purchase via Buyee!

  • Arriving at warehouse

    We will inform you via email and your My Page when your items arrive at our warehouse in Japan.

  • Delivering to your overseas address.

    After payment for international shipping cost is complete, we will deliver to your overseas address.