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Der Stichtag für den Erhalt dieses Gutscheins (NICHT Ablaufdatum) ist 23:59 on December 1st, 2021 (JST).
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Buyee Air Delivery Taiwan fee(convenience store pick-up+domestic delivery service)



Taiwan Special! Buyee Air Delivery Taiwan Service Fee 4,000 Yen OFF Coupon!

2021/11/01 12:00 〜 2021/12/02 23:59 (JST)
2021/10/29 00:00 〜 2021/12/01 23:59 (JST)

Bedingungen für den Erhalt des Gutscheins

※The coupon will deduct 4,000 Yen OFF from the Buyee for Taiwan only Deliver international shipping fee. Other fees such as domestic shipping fees (the shipment from the seller to Buyee's warehouse) or plan fees will be paid for separately.
Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash
※The coupon can be used with our Package Consolidation Service. However, the items might be consolidated into multiple packages through the Package Consolidation Service. In that case, a coupon can be used for only one of these packages.
※You cannot combine the coupon with other international shipping fee coupons.
※Please make sure to complete international shipping preparations before the end of the coupon usage period, as the coupon discount will not be valid after that point.
※If the discounted package was cancelled or returned, the coupon cannot be reissued or used for further discounts. If you forget to use the coupon, it will no longer be valid.
If you wish to use optional services (e.g. package consolidation, protective packaging), you have to complete those services before the coupon usage period ends. Please make sure to apply for the optional services by at the latest 4~5 days before the last day of the coupon usage period.
※Due to import restrictions, there may be times when food and tableware cannot be delivered.