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La fecha establecida para obtener este cupón (NO la fecha de caducidad) es el 23:59 on October 30th, PM (hora de Japón).
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5% Discount Mercari Coupon

Periodo de validez
2020/10/05 00:00 〜 2020/10/30 23:59 (hora de Japón)
Fecha de alta
2020/10/05 00:00 〜 2020/10/30 23:59 (hora de Japón)
You can receive a Mercari exclusive 5% OFF purchase price coupon usable on any Mercari product worth over 3,000 yen within the promotion period!

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How to use the coupon

Requisitos para recibir el cupón

This coupon can only be used on Mercari.
This coupon can only be used for purchasing Mercari products worth more than 3,000 yen.
Save 5% on your Mercari order (tax-included prices) with the coupon.
Each customer can receive one coupon.
One coupon can be used up to 10 times.
The coupon cannot be redeemed for cash.
Discount prices with a decimal point will be rounded by removing the part after the decimal.
The coupon cannot be used with other coupons.
Domestic shipping fees, international shipping fees and other optional service fees are not included.
Please be aware that the discount will not be applied if the order is out of stock or cancelled for any reason.
The campaign coupon cannot be reused when the order has been cancelled for any reason.
Only customers living in countries outside of Japan will be able to use the coupon for Mercari items.
We cannot assist you if you have forgotten to use your coupon before the end of the coupon usage period.