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Batas akhir untuk mendapatkan kupon (bukan hari kadaluwarsa) adalah 23:59 on January 6th, 2022, 2019 (waktu Jepang).
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5% Discount Rakuten Coupon

Periode penggunaan
2022/01/05 00:00 〜 2022/01/06 23:59 (waktu Jepang)
Hari masuk
2022/01/05 00:00 〜 2022/01/06 23:59 (waktu Jepang)
Get a 5% off item price coupon available for Rakuten during the campaign!

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How to use the coupon

Ketentuan untuk mendapatkan kupon

*Coupon can only be used in Rakuten.
*Save 5% on your Rakuten order (tax-included prices) with the coupon
*Each customer can receive one coupon.
*One coupon can be used up to 99 times.
*The coupon cannot be redeemed for cash.
*Discount price with decimal point will be rounded by removing its decimal part.
*Can't use the coupon along with other item price coupon or Buyee service fee coupon.
*Domestic shipping fees, international shipping fees and other optional service fees are not included.
*Out of stock, order canceled, and others inappropriate situation judged by our company will not be discounted.
*We cannot assist you if you have forgotten to use your coupon before the end of the coupon usage period.