The Act on Specified Commercial Transactions of Japan

Information on this page is subject to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions of Japan.

Buyee declares information on this page to be subjected to Article 11 in the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions of Japan. The Act on Specified Commercial Transactions of Japan is only applicable for transactions of customers living in Japan. Transactions of shipping for customers living abroad does not apply to the articles below. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Seller tenso, inc.
[Chief Operations Manager] Shohta Naoi
Gotenyama Trust Tower 6F, 4-7-35 Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0001
Tenso UK Ltd.
[Chief Operations Manager] Shohta Naoi
130 Shaftesbury Avenue, 2nd Floor, London, W1D 5EU, United Kingdom
tenso Hong Kong Limited
[Chief Operations Manager] Shohta Naoi
Unit 402 4F Fairmont House No. 8 Cotton Tree Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Contact Tel: 03-5739-3040
Or you may send the inquiry via the Contact Form.
Service Proxy Buying, Bidding Service and Shipping Service
Service Fees and Shipping Fee

Item Price: Item price when the customer wins an auction or places an order. Or the additional payment after winning an auction/the order completed.

Payment Fee: The costs incurred when purchasing the item from the seller.

Domestic (Japan) Shipping Fee: The cost of delivery from the seller to the Buyee warehouse (where applicable).

Details are on the following pages.
Buyee Service Fee:
Japan Domestic Shipping Fee:

Other Fees Charged to the User

Consumption Tax: The consumption tax requested by the seller (where applicable).

Insurance Fee: The insurance fees which occurs when shipping packages (where applicable).

Other Optional Service Fees: Package Consolidation Fee, the Protective Packaging Fee, Plan fee, etc. (where applicable).

Details are on the following page.
Buyee Service Fee:


[ Payment Method ]
Customers may pay via credit card, PayPal or Alipay.
For more detailed information, please see the payment methods page.

[ Purchase Costs ]
Buyee will inform the customer of applicable fees via email and on the customer's 'My Page' after winning the auction or completing the order.
Customers will receive a notification about the Item Price, Buyee Service Fee (when necessary), Payment Fee and Plan Fee.
Please see the Usage Fees page on Buyee for more information.

[ Shipping Costs ]
Buyee will inform the customer of applicable fees via email and on the customer's 'My Page' after the item has been weighed and checked the content at our warehouse. 
At that time, customers will receive a notification about the Domestic Shipping Fee, Shipping Fee to the designated address, Optional Service Fees and Consumption Tax.

  • The weight that seller stated may be different from the measurement of our warehouse. Please be reminded that the fee will be calculated based on the warehouse measurement.
Package Delivery
  • Customers are able to check the status of packages on their 'My Page'.
  • The package will be shipped out within 6 business days after receiving the shipping request.
Shipping Limitations

Buyee can handle items which can be shipped based on the Terms of Service.

Refunds and Returned Goods

Buyee does not accept cancellations.

The customer will be responsible for following charges:

  • Costs incurred in re-shipping the package (shipping fee, insurance fee) in the event that the recipient cannot be reached at the address within a specific time frame.
  • Cost incurred in re-shipping the package (shipping fee, insurance fee) in the event that the package is returned to our warehouse due to refusal by the recipient.
Defect Liability

As stipulated in Subarticle 9.2 of “Terms of Service”, the Company is not responsible whatsoever for inquiries regarding the description of received products etc., claims, defect liability, or other demands etc.

  • This service operates based on the good will and intentions of its users.
  • Other terms and conditions are subject to the Terms of Service. By using our service, you agree to our Terms of Service.
  • 12th Dec. 2012 established
  • 25th Apr. 2019 updated
  • 4th Nov. 2021 amended

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  • Plan program fees in regard to insured delivery and inspection do not include optional service charges such as Consolidation fee, Protective Packaging fee, and Special Packaging fee, etc., which will be charged additionally.
  • In addition, in each successful bid cost on the "Brand Market" the usage fee and consumption tax are not included.
  • There might be a domestic shipping fees charged by the seller/store. Please check each seller/store`s information page for more details.
  • If the consumption tax is already included, it will be charged when you win the bid/place the order.
  • Campaigns and other discounts are not applied to the estimated fee.