How to Place Bids

1Search for Items

Enter the name of an item, the URL on Yahoo! Auctions or the Auction ID. You can also find items from the categories.

2Check Item Details

How to Place Bids 1

When you find an item you want to bid on, begin by checking the item details. (Check the link below for more information).
→Please Read Before Bidding

If you are happy with the item, proceed by clicking the 'Place Bid' button.

3Place bid

Enter information into the fields below
[ Maximum Bid Value ][ Desired Quantity ][ Plan ][ Delivery ][ Coupon ][ Payment Method ].

If there are no problems with the bid details and you are happy with the amount shown in the Bid Estimate, you can proceed and click the 'Place Bid' button.
→About Plan

How to Place Bids 2

4Bid Placed!

Your bid has been placed.

You can check items that you are currently bidding on from your My Page.
Buyee will automatically send you an email if you win the auction.
→Click here to go to ongoing bids in your My Page

Simple Estimation Tool

All shipping options at a glance.

Conditions, shipping times, and available shipping methods for each country.

Commodity prices



Package Weight

g ※ Please enter weight in grams (1,000g = 1kg)


  • Plan program fees in regard to insured delivery and inspection do not include optional service charges such as Consolidation fee, Protective Packaging fee, and Special Packaging fee, etc., which will be charged additionally.
  • There might be a domestic shipping fees charged by the seller/store. Please check each seller/store`s information page for more details.
  • If the consumption tax is already included, it will be charged when you win the bid/place the order.
  • Campaigns and other discounts are not applied to the estimated fee.
  • Click here for the details of shipping methods.