In case of damaged / lost package / wrong product

Refund Details

If an Insured Delivery plan, Inspection plan, or Standard Plan is applied for an order which is damaged, lost, or the product is different, the following charges will be refunded.

1. When all the items are damaged and all the items are ordered with Insured Delivery Plan/Standard Plan 2. If only one item out of a multiple-item order arrives damaged 3. When the insured item is broken in a consolidated package
Item Price
Buyee Service Fee
Payment Fee
Plan Fee
International Shipping Fee
Domestic (Japan) Shipping Fee
Package consolidation fee
Protective Packaging Fee
Extension Fee
Photo service fee
Customs clearance fees
consumption tax
Convenience store receipt fee

About inadequate luggage subscribed to the paid plan

If items with paid plans arrived in damage condition / different item / different quantity, please complete the following procedure within 14 days after its arrival.

  1. 1.

    Please submit the required documents to Buyee.

    What you need to apply:

    ・ A photo showing the packing status of the package upon arrival and a photo of the outer box (2-3 photos)

    ・ Photos showing defects in the product and clear photos of the entire product (2-3 photos)

    * The procedure will be smooth if you shoot at the same angle as the product page.

    Please contact with the above image attached.

    * Please note that if the above procedure is completed after 14 days or if the required documents are incomplete, it may not be subject to the investigation.
  2. 2.

    After receiving the application, we will investigate and refund if it is judged that it is within the scope of the plan guarantee.

Packages are not insured through the shipping company so packages which are not insured through our Buyee service cannot be compensated.
Please note that we will not be able to respond even if you submit a damage report form.

About undelivered packages that have subscribed to the Insured Delivery plan and Standard Plan

If you suspect that your package has been lost during the shipping process, Buyee will check the shipping status with the shipping company and refund you as soon as the loss is confirmed.
Regarding overseas delivery, please wait for the arrival of your parcel for at least the following days as a guide, taking into account delays in the transportation situation of each country.

[Japan Post]

EMS More than 7 days have passed since the EMS shipping contact
Air mail More than 20 days have passed since the AIR shipping contact
SAL More than 30 days have passed since SAL shipping contact
Sea mail More than 60 days have passed since the ship was contacted for shipping

[Other than Japan Post]

More than 7 days have passed since DHL / FedEx / UPS shipping contact
ECMS / Buyee Airlift Taiwan / Buyee Airlift China More than 20 days have passed since shipping contact

Compare each of the above delivery methods with your package, and if your package has not been delivered after the estimated arrival date.
Please contact us from the inquiry form.

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  • Plan program fees in regard to insured delivery and inspection do not include optional service charges such as Consolidation fee, Protective Packaging fee, and Special Packaging fee, etc., which will be charged additionally.
  • In addition, in each successful bid cost on the "Brand Market" the usage fee and consumption tax are not included.
  • There might be a domestic shipping fees charged by the seller/store. Please check each seller/store`s information page for more details.
  • If the consumption tax is already included, it will be charged when you win the bid/place the order.
  • Campaigns and other discounts are not applied to the estimated fee.