What is Buyee?

A guide to using Buyee.

The proxy purchase service Buyee allows you to buy items from Japanese and American E-commerce sites and ship the items to destinations all over the world.

Japanese and American products are available!
You can buy limited and rare items at a great price!
You can use the service even if you can't read Japanese or English
The lowest prices of proxy purchasing service
A range of delivery methods
No identity verification required
Numerous payment methods
Safe and reliable service

Service Flow

  1. Search items you want


    • Yahoo! JAPAN Auction: Enter "Keyword", "Yahoo! JAPAN Auction URL", or "Auction ID" into the search field and click on Search button. You can filter by category as well.
    • eBay: Enter "Keyword", "Item name", or "eBay item ID" into the search field and click on Search button. You can filter by category as well.

      The delivery for the eBay proxy bidding service is limited to some countries / regions.


    • Enter "Keyword", "URL" into the search field and click on the Search button. You can filter by category as well. You can filter by category as well.
  2. Place a Bid or Make a Purchase


    Place a bid and win an auction from Yahoo! JAPAN Auction or ebay through Buyee's site. Furthermore, you can place sniper bid as well on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction.


    Make a proxy purchasing order from available shopping sites through Buyee.

  3. Arrange shipment for your items after they arrive at Buyee's warehouse.

    Customers will receive the notification mail after the items arrive at Buyee's warehouse. Please arrange international shipment for items from your [My Page].

    * We will keep items you have won from eBay in our warehouse in the United States. Item from Yahoo! JAPAN Auction and the other shopping sites except for eBay will be stored in our warehouse in Japan.

    When using Yahoo Auction / Shopping

    When using eBay

  4. International Shipping

    Buyee will ship the items to customers in a short period.

Simple Estimation Tool

All shipping options at a glance.

Conditions, shipping times, and available shipping methods for each country.

Commodity prices



Package Weight

g ※ Please enter weight in grams (1,000g = 1kg)

Package Dimensions (Optional)

cm cm cm


  • Plan program fees in regard to insured delivery and inspection do not include optional service charges such as Consolidation fee, Protective Packaging fee, and Special Packaging fee, etc., which will be charged additionally.
  • In addition, in each successful bid cost on the "Brand Market" the usage fee and consumption tax are not included.
  • There might be a domestic shipping fees charged by the seller/store. Please check each seller/store`s information page for more details.
  • If the consumption tax is already included, it will be charged when you win the bid/place the order.
  • Campaigns and other discounts are not applied to the estimated fee.