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【特別提供】KATE BUSH CD1 大全巻 MP3[DL版] 1枚組CD◇

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【特別提供】KATE BUSH CD1 大全巻 MP3[DL版] 1枚組CD◇





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【特別提供】KATE BUSH CD1 大全巻 MP3[DL版] 1枚組CD◇


├─ 01-The Kick Inside (1978)
├─ 02-Lionheart (1978)
├─ 03-Never For Ever (1980)
├─ 04-The Dreaming (1982)
├─ 05-Hounds Of Love (1985)
├─ 06-The Sensual World (1989)
├─ 07-This Woman's Work Vol 1 (1990)
├─ 08-This Woman's Work Vol 2 (1990)
└─ 09-The Red Shoes (1993)


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★【01-The Kick Inside (1978)】
01-Moving/ 02-The Saxophone Song/ 03-Strange Phenomena/ 04-Kite/ 05-The Man With The Child In His Eyes/ 06-Wuthering Heights/ 07-James And The Cold Gun/ 08-Feel it/ 09-Oh To Be In Love/ 10-L'Amour Looks Something Like You/ 11-Them Heavy People/ 12-Room For The Life/ 13-The Kick Inside

★【02-Lionheart (1978)】
01-Symphony In Blue/ 02-In Search Of Peter Pan/ 03-Wow/ 04-Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake/ 05-Oh England My Lionheart/ 06-Fullhouse/ 07-In The Warm Room/ 08-Kashka From Baghdad/ 09-Coffee Homeground/ 10-Hammer Horror

★【03-Never For Ever (1980)】
01-Babooshka/ 02-Delius (Song Of Summer)/ 03-Blow Away (For Bill)/ 04-All We Ever Look For/ 05-Egypt / 06-The Wedding List / 07-Violin/ 08-The Infant Kiss/ 09-Night Scented Stock/ 10-Army Dreamers/ 11-Breathing

★【04-The Dreaming (1982)】
01-Sat In Your Lap/ 02-There Goes A Tenner / 03-Pull Out The Pin / 04-Suspended In Gaffa / 05-Leave It Open / 06-The Dreaming/ 07-Night Of The Swallow/ 08-All The Love/ 09-Houdini/ 10-Get Out Of My House

★【05-Hounds Of Love (1985)】
01-Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)/ 02-Hounds Of Love/ 03-The Big Sky/ 04-Mother Stands For Comfort/ 05-Cloudbusting/ 06-And Dream Of Sheep/ 07-Under lce/ 08-Waking the Witch/ 09-Watching You Without Me/ 10-Jig Of Life/ 11-Hello Earth/ 12-The Morning Fog

★【06-The Sensual World (1989)】
01-The Sensual World/ 02-Love And Anger/ 03-The Fog/ 04-Reaching Out / 05-Heads We're Dancing/ 06-Deeper Understanding/ 07-Between A Man And A Woman/ 08-Never Be Mine/ 09-Rocket's Tail/ 10-This Woman's Work / 11-Walk Straight Down The Middle

★【07-This Woman's Work Vol 1 (1990)】
01-The Empty Bullring/ 02-Ran Tan Waltz/ 03-Passing Through Air/ 04-December Will Be Magic Again/ 05-Warm And Soothing/ 06-Lord Of The Reedy River/ 07-Ne T'En Fui Pas/ 08-Un Baiser D'Enfant/ 09-Under The Ivy/ 10-Burning Bridge/ 11-My Lagan Love/ 12-The Handsome Cabin Boy/ 13-Not This Time/ 14-Walk Straight Down The Middle/ 15-Be Kind To My Mistakes

★【08-This Woman's Work Vol 2 (1990)】
01-I'm Still Waiting/ 02-Ken/ 03-One Last Look Around The House Before We Go/ 04-Wuthering Heights (New Vocal)/ 05-Experiment IV/ 06-Them Heavy People / 07-Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake/ 08-James And The Cold Gun/ 09-L'Amour Looks Something Like You/ 10-Running Up That Hill/ 11-Cloudbusting (The Organon Mix)/ 12-Hounds Of Love (Alternative)/ 13-The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix)/ 14-Experiment IV (12'Mix)

★【09-The Red Shoes (1993)】
01-Rubberband Girl/ 02-And So Is Love/ 03-Eat The Music/ 04-Moments Of Pleasure/ 05-The Song Of Solomon/ 06-Lily/ 07-The Red Shoes/ 08-Top Of The City/ 09-Constellation Of The Heart/ 10-Big Stripey Lie/ 11-Why Should I Love You/ 12-You're The One



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