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黒ブラック豪華ロングファーコート羽織外套 Black luxury long fur coat

Auction Fashion Women's Fashion Coats(All) Coats Medium

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黒ブラック豪華ロングファーコート羽織外套 Black luxury long fur coat

着丈 縦の長さ 約 75cm
身幅 胸部分横幅 約 45cm
肩幅 約 45cm
袖丈 袖の長さ 約 65cm

ポリエステル 70%
アクリル 30%

Length approx 29.52 in
Chest width approx 17.71 in
Shoulder width approx 17.71 in
Sleeve length approx 25.59 in

Polyester 70%
Acrylic 30%


Good condition but this is used clothing.
There may be slightly different shades in the real thing and the photograph.

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