[Vintage][Delivery Free][Not Displayed?(difficulty)1980s Anime Booklet Insert Poster(Both)MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM ZZ ELPEO PLE[tag2202]

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[Vintage][Delivery Free]1980s Anime Magazine Insert A3Poster(Both Side) MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM ZZ ELPEO PLE
[ヴィンテージ][宅配送料込]1980年代 アニメ雑誌折り込みA3両面ポスター 機動戦士ガンダムZZ エルピー プル
For filing on top? There are staple marks. It seems that it is not a thumbtack mark because it is symmetrical, and it seems that there is no exhibition history because there is a glue margin part.
Storage seems to be a state with very little UV burning and fading because it uses a light shielding tough box. Please check the condition of storage, rearranging, etc. by carefully checking the condition of condition such as stain, discoloration, stain, tear or surface peeling. One owner goods.

Another sample photo site address. When viewed in slide mode, you can see in higher definition than the sample on this site. When you use the download original mode, you can see the original size without deterioration.

In simple settlement, payment processing will not be performed if there is no receipt contact, so please contact us when the item arrives.
Please give me payment within three days after a successful bid. Please refrain from bidding when it is determined that it will take longer.
If it is not settled within the deadline for easy settlement (seven days), it will be canceled by the convenience of the highest bidder. Please understand that a “very bad” evaluation is automatically attached from the management.
Please refrain from cancellation after it makes a successful bid for any reason. Please refrain from a successful bid when there is a fear.
Although we have carefully classified the state of the product, it may be different from the viewer because it is based on personal subjectivity. Please prioritize the attached sample photo.
If you think that it will take some time to check stock, please understand that we may contact you to wait for a while.
Since we are also selling stores in parallel, we may run out of stock. If it becomes a shortage, we will immediately stop listing, but if you can not send it out for some reason after payment etc., please add the full amount paid and 10% of the start price as a troublesome fee The contract will be completed by depositing into the specified account.
Please let us know if you do not need a two-way evaluation.
Please understand that we refrain from bidding for new customers without permission.
Please understand beforehand that we can not assume all the responsibilities, including any responsibility for dealings.
Although there are things that have a clock or calendar in the photo, it is an information tag for management of the exhibitor. Not related to the product.
If there is a price revision, the frequency is once a month.
[Tagxxxx] at the end of the title is a management tag. It has nothing to do with the product.
[First appearance :20200225]
3f work B3

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