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新品即決◆ パネル枠付き交流デジタル電圧計 赤 AC 70-500V

Item Explanation

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パネル取り付け用枠付きの交流用電圧計(AC 70V - 500V) (別電源不要タイプ・埋込型)です。


サイズ: 約 48mmx29mmx22mm (取り付け穴サイズ 45mmx26mm)
表示色: 赤
測定範囲: AC 70V - 500V
表示桁数: 3桁(100V未満は0.1V単位まで表示 / 100V以上は1V単位まで表示)
Power Supply: No power needed
Current: 5-15mA
Display mode::Three digit 0.56''LED digital tube
・This voltmeter's measuring range is AC70-500V It can be used in measuring AC110V 220V 380V.
・This voltmeter only need to connect two wires,the connection is simple,low price but has reliable performance. It uses 0.56inch LED digital tube, the displaying is sharp and vibrant.
・There is high-voltage on PCB on this voltmeter's back, it is dangerous to touch PCB and components. So we suggest that electronic enthusiasts and ordinary consumers don't use this, please be careful when purchasing.
・This voltmeter use capacitance to reach voltage step-down, it can't used in inverter, Electronic speed governing, silicon controlled voltage adjusting dimming, UPS and other occasion with radio-frequency component and non-sinusoidal wave, or it will be bumt and doesn't work normally.
・This voltmeter didn't do moisture-proof, waterproof, shockproof, anti-oil processing, please be careful or handle by yourselt when using.


送料は普通郵便で 120円(2個まで120円、4個まで140円) 、メール便(追跡番号あり、郵便受けへの配達、日本郵便またはヤマト運輸)で 185円(9個まで) です。




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