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新品 Maplez ハイグレード ベアリング 高性能 16個


[ 翻譯 ]

インラインスケート レースにも対応する高性能ベアリングです。



We also offer Pre-Lubricated Ionic Flux 608 High Quality Bearing for racing use!

All ZIF 608-RS bearings are pre-lubricated exclusively with Ionic Flux Black Steel Molecular Bearing Lubricant. This lubricant features the latest Molecular Chemistry and Nano-Technology engineered to reduce sliding friction in steel bearings by forming a molecular tribo-layer on all metal surfaces which repel each other as a result of polarized molecules.
- Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield allows for easy cleaning and less friction
- Nylon ball retainer for maximum smoothness and performance at high speeds
- Pre-lubricated exclusively with Ionic Flux bearing oil
- Premium rated bearings optimal for speed and strength