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中古 アップル iPhone X 256GB SIMフリー シルバー


[ 翻譯 ]
 [Terminal] iPhoneX DOCOMO  [Capacity] 256GB  [Color] Silver  SIM unlocked already Activation lock released. 【IMEI】 356740085322718 
 The original carrier was docomo, but since it unlocked it can be used with au, docomo, softbank and other cheap SIM. Confirmed  Corresponding country: Asia region (China Vietnam Singapore Hong Kong Japan Korea etc.) / Africa / Oceania / Europe.  It is necessary to set up SIM and APN cheaply. The APN of the terminal can not be switched automatically (4G / LTE), so please check it yourself. This is not supported. Also, if it initializes, Factory Unlock is also initialized, and it will be changed to docomo version after resetting. Other 
* I need your help by a no claim no return