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Nemo’s War board game + 3 expansions + promo + cloth bundle BRAND NEW ***FREE SHIPPING*** Kickstarter 2nd edition


[ 翻譯 ]

This is a BRAND NEW SEALED copy of the board game Nemo’s War with expansions included. Kickstarter 2nd edition.

English Version. 英語版です。



※要注意※ 新品未開封品のため内容物の欠品・不具合等の対応できませんのでご了承ください。

Included in this auction:

Nemo's War Base Game Components:

1 Game box
1 Rulebook (available for download here)
1 Epilogues booklet
1 17” x 33” game board
62 Adventure cards
10 Nautilus Upgrade cards
6 Character Resource tiles, 2 Motive tiles, and 1 Captain tile
220 tokens and markers (ships, gemstones, etc.)
12 Uprising cubes (10 black wood, 2 silver)
5 dice (3 white and 2 black)
1 Nautilus miniature
9 Co-op game Officer cards

Bold and Caring Expansion Pack:

2 Nautilus Upgrade Cards (Diving Apparatus and Hospital Machines)
1 New Motive Tile: Adventure / Humanist
2 New Treasure Tokens
1 Diplomatic Attack Token
9 Adventure Tokens
1 Rules Sheet

Dramatis Personae Expansion Pack:

9 New Adventure Cards
1 New Finale Card
1 Rules Sheet

Nautilus Upgrades Expansion Pack:

12 Nautilus Upgrade Cards
1 Rules Sheet

+Holiday on the High Seas promo
+Cloth Bundle


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