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B品 高樹齢 チーク 天然木 一枚板 緬甸産 無垢 国内仕上24mm厚 カッティングボード トレー プレート 木製 飾り台 Teak cutting board 1428g

Item Explanation

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 横     :約 36.8cm(取手部分 約6cm含む)
 縦     :約 24.5cm
 厚み  :約   2.6cm
 重さ   :約   1428g
・本チークの天然木を用いてるため、その自然環境の影響を受けた痕跡として生じる筋やカスレたような色変わり樹皮痕(バークポケッ ト)、樹液痕(ガムストリーク)、鉱物痕(ホワイトステッチ)、縞杢、くぼみ痕(ディンプル)等があり、木材の個性としてライブナチュラルの味わいを深めています。なお、本品に上記の痕跡が全てあるとは限りません。
・画像を見られ、状態や当該品の内容等について、ご判断してください。 小さな傷などにこだわる方は入札御遠慮下さい。

The Japanese explanation takes precedence.
Teak natural wood cutting board
Important notices: There is a crack at the tip of the handle.
The product in the photo is the actual product.
A handmade product made from natural wood.
Therefore, there is no product that is exactly the same as this product.
It is an unused item.
width: about 36.8cm(Handle part about 6cm)
Depth: about 24.5cm
height:about  2.6cm
Weight: about 1428g
Made by hand using a single plate of "Myanmar teak wood" from the world's top three.
It is a valuable wood product.
In Japan, it is polished by hand and then coated with coconut oil.
In addition to “chopping board”, there are “tableware”, “decoration table”, and thickness and weight, so I think it is suitable for “high-end interior materials” and “DIY materials”.
Manufactured using teak wood that grew naturally in Myanmar.
It is characterized by the uniqueness of the wood and the bark traces of solid wood made in the natural environment.
This Myanmar teak tree is natural, dark and has a beautiful wood pattern.
This Myanmar teak tree is the highest quality tree in the world that is distinguished from planted teak trees in Indonesia and Malaysia.
I was fascinated by the teak wood in Myanmar and purchased blocks that were cut at a local lumber mill.
And it was carefully processed in Japan and made into a cutting board.
・There is a crack at the tip of the handle.
・ This product is unused.
・ Because teak natural wood is used, the bark pockets,  sap marks (gum streaks), mineral marks (white stitches), streaks that appear as traces affected by the natural environment In addition, there are dimples, etc., deepening the taste of live natural as a wood individuality. Note that this product may not have all the above traces.
・ Since it is a handmade item, there are small scratches.
・ When using as a cooking utensil, please wash with a neutral detergent.
・ The coconut oil in the coating fades when washed. When faded, it becomes a natural teak wood look.
・ Please see the image and judge the condition and contents of the product. Please refrain from purchasing if you are particular about small scratches.

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