Buyee Select:We've brought together Yahoo! JAPAN Auction Stores with dedicated appraisers. As nearly all of their products have been pre-authenticated, you can shop without worry of fraud.

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Why you should buy brand products from recommended stores

Almost all items appraised by professionals

Fake brand items can sometimes be found making their way on to the regular auction site. However, most Buyee Recommended Stores have dedicated authenticators, so there's a very low chance any items you buy from them will be fake.

Quality goods for lower prices

Japanese owners are known for their quality maintenance of items (frequent cleanings, repairs etc.). You'll find many second hand items in great condition.

Terms and Conditions

  • Buyee is not responsible for the appraisal of any items.
  • Please make sure to check the photo, item explanation and the seller rating for the product you want before placing a bid.
  • Please note that in the rare event that an item does turn out to be fake, Buyee will not be able to reimburse you regardless of your selected plan.
  • Please note you cannot cancel after placing a bid. Please send your inquiries to Buyee prior to bidding if you have any concerns about an item.